Phalaenopsis finleyi (Christ. 2011)
Named to honor Roy Finley of St.Petersburg,Florida.
Distribution : Thaïland, Vietnam
Synonyms : Kingidium minus Seidenf.,1988 (basionyme).
Phalaenopsis minus Christ. 2001.nom.illeg.
Doritis minus T.Yukawa & K.Kita 2005.
     Epiphytic plant with short stem.
     Leaves elliptic of 9 cm.
      Short, pendant inflorescence.
      Sepals and petals reflected. The dorsal sepal is oblong, acute, concave. Lateral sepals obliquely oblong-ovate, obtuse. Petals a little shorter and narrower than the sepals, oblanceolate-sub-spatulate,o tuse.Lip 3-lobed. Lateral lobes erect, sub-orbicular, clearly rounded, with a sickle-shaped triangular tooth on the posterior margin. Midlobe narrowly lanceolate, acute, acuminate, slightly curved. Two callus. The posterior short, bifide, have its apex which overhangs a small cavity. The former callus is ligulate with bifide apex.
     Column erect, with a "cap" surrounding the stigma.
     Pedicellate ovary 1.3 cm long.
     The color backround of the flower is white, with longitudinal bars brown. The internal half of the lateral sepals is stripped of mauve. Lip stripped of mauve in his middle. White column slightly barred of brown.
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Average temperature relative humidity and pluviometry, in Thailand, altitude of 250 meters (area of Loei)