Phalaenopsis viridis (J.J.Smith 1907 )
Green Phalaenopsis (from Latin viridis, green)
Distribution : Sumatra
Principal synonyms

Phalaenopsis forbesii (Ridl. 1925)

Polychilos viridis (Shim 1982)

     Epiphytic plant with many roots, flexuous, fleshy, glabrous.
     Stem very short, completely enclosed by imbricating leaf-sheaths.
     Leaves few, 3 to 4, shiny, leathery, oblong-ovate or elliptic-oblong, more or less acute, tapered toward base, exceeding 30 cm. of length and 8 cm. of broad.
     Flower stalk, simple (seldom with some short branches), a little longer than the leaves, with the flowers connected loosely to thickened, but noncompressed rachis.
      Bracts ovate, cucullate, acute,3 mm long.
      Flowers fleshy, from 3 to 4 cm, with well spread out segments, fairly many, often more than 7. Dorsal sepal oblong-elliptic or elliptic, obtuse, margin revolutate. Lateral sepals identical to dorsal sepal, slightly obliques, slightly ducted behind near apex, acute. Petals elliptic or ovate-elliptic, acute, dorsally slightly ducted near apex, margin delicately undulate.

     Lip briefly strangled at base, 3-lobed, twice shorter than the petals. Lateral lobes oblique, rectangular, with truncated apex, horizontally provided of a fleshy ridge and, near base, of a fleshy callus. Midlobe at cuneate base ovate or sub-rhomboid, acute or rounded at apex, flattened or sometimes concave, longitudinally provided of two fleshy ridges located on both sides of a central keel. Disc between lateral lobes provided of a pair of callus flattened, fleshy, with divergent apex. On front of the latter, another callus bidentate.
     Column fleshy, white, cylindrical, flattened in its center, 8 mm long.
     Pedicellate ovary of 2 cm long.

Lip of Phalaenopsis viridis (Sweet)    

    Sepals and petals greenish, largely stained of brown-red. White Lip striated with 4 purplished lines, two on each side of the central keel. Callus are yellow.
    Flowering in spring for 4 to 6 weeks. The floral stalk persists several years, continues its growth until reaching 60/70cm and ramifies.
     He grow at an altitude of 850 meters, on rocks or trunks.
     This plant was reintroduced during the years 1970 after 80 years of absence.

Average temperature humidity and pluviometry, evolution relative in Indonesia at an altitude of 400 meters (area of Medan)