Phalaenopsis fuscata (Rchb.f 1874)
Brown Phalaenopsis (from the Latin fuscus, brown)
Distribution : Malayan peninsula, Borneo, the Philippines?. The currently known specimens come from the east of Borneo
Principal synonyms

Phalaenopsis denisiana (Cogn. 1899)

Polychilos fuscata (Shim 1982)

     Epiphytic plant, stem very short, completely enclosed by imbricating leaf-sheaths.
      Roots very few, withish, glabrous, not very flexuous.
      Leaves spread out or deflected, obovate-oblong or largely oblong, rather abruptly acute apex, of a dark green, more or less undulated, reaching 30 cm long, 10 cm. wide.
      Flower stalk rigid, erect or arcuate, cylindrical, hardly branching, of a dark green, as long as the leaves or a little longer, bearing to a dozen flowers, but more often much less.
       Bracts very small, fleshy.
       Flowers spread out, fleshy, broad 3,5 cm, high 4,5 cm, with well spread out segments. Ovate or ovate-elliptic dorsal sepal, generally obtuse, with revolute margins. Lateral sepal from an oblique base, elliptic,obtuse, margins revolutate. a little larger than the dorsal sepal. Petals obovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, obtuse, revolute margins, a little smaller than the dorsal sepal.

   Fleshy lip, 3-lobed, half shorter than the lateral sepals, very spread out and lightly reflexed. Lateral lobes obliquely quadrangular, erect, connivent, with truncated apex with two acute lobes, carrying dorsaly an oblique keel. Midlobe sub-erect, ovate or elliptic, obtuse, flattened or concave, presenting at the posterior part a strong median keel. Disc at the junction of lateral lobes and midlobe a fleshy appendice, forked, supporting a bilobate second callus, with divergent lobes.
Column erect, fleshy, cylindrical, from 7 to 8 mm long whit the foot rather broad.
Pedicellate ovary 3 cm long.

Lip and column of Phalaenopsis fuscata (Sweet)

     Flowering is possible almost all the year.
     The ground color of the segments is greenish/yellow, doted of large blotch brown/red on the lower half or two thirds of lenght. Lip lateral lobes white with a small yellow macula at the base and sometimes slightly lined of mauve or purple. Orange yellow midlobe stripped or mackled brown/red. Yellowish column.
     Attention with repotting, leaves are easily breakable.
      Phalaenopsis fuscata grow between sea level and an altitude of 500 meters in a strong and permanent humidity, about 85 to 90 %, and a less abundante light than majority of the other species.
       Some additional words from Rolf in the Orchid Review N°152 august 1905.

Average temperature humidity and pluviometry, evolution relative in Malaysia, sea level (area of Kuantan)