Phalaenopsis doweryënsis (Garay & Christ.2001)
Dowery's Phalaenopsis
(in reference to the establishment where the plant was noticed, The Dowery Orchid Nursery in Virginia)
Distribution : Sabah
No synonym
      Epiphytic plant with abundant roots, rather fleshy, glabrous.
      Very short stem, compressed, completely enclosed by imbricating leaf sheaths.
       Few leaves (often two), of variable size, fleshy, oval-elliptic to elliptic, obtuse, at bilobate apex, being able to reach 23cm length on 10 cm broad, usually smaller.
       Flower stalk erect, shorter than the foliage, somewhat compressed.
        Bracts triangular-lanceolate, acute, of 3 mm.
        Fleshy flowers, sepals similar, obovate cuneate at the base, obtuse-rounded. The dorsal sepal is slightly longer than the lateral sepals. Petals elliptic-obovate also cuneate at the base, obtuse-rounded, more shrot and narrower than the sepals.

     3-lobed lip , as long as broad (with the spread out lateral lobes). Lateral lobes erect, obliquely triangular, with an outgrowth in shape of cushion toward the anterior margin. Midlobe at very cuneate and rounded base, rounded apex finished at eachside by a very short appendice, notched. A central keel, little marked continues before with a widened callus, glabrous and fleshy. Two callus bifides overlap starting from the base of the labelle one. Posterior is made of two parallel peaks which stop on the level of the base of the midlobe. The former callus, shorter is with apex indented rather than really bifide.
        Column cylindrical, somewhat widened at the base, of 1 cm long.
        Pedicellate ovary of two centimetres.

Lip of Phalaenopsis doweryënsis (Garay)

       Petals and sepals greenish yellow stained of brown with some transverse bars of the same color. The base of the floral segments is marked of brown clearly. Column and labelle white. Disc of lip yellow, midlobe marked of two longitudinal bands brown/red on both sides of the central keel.

      The vegetation refers some common with that of Phalaenopsis javanica whereas the flower makes think to Phalaenopsis gigantea. The absence of foot at the base of the column and the elliptic-obovate shape of the petals make the difference. The aspect of the flower is also more "open" for Phalaenopsis doweryënsis.

Average temperature humidity and pluviometry, evolution relative to Borneo, altitude 150 meters (area of Pontianak)