Phalaenopsis deliciosa (Rchb.f 1854)
Birth certificate Phalaenopsis deliciosa
-Bonplandia 1854-
The delicate Phalaenopsis
(from Latin deliciosus, delicate)
Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Bornéo

Kingidium deliciosum (Sweet 1970)

Doritis hebe (Schltr 1913)

Phalaenopsis alboviolacea (Ridl. 1893)

Aerides latifolia (Thw 1861)

Kingiella hebe (Rolfe 1917)

Doritis philippinensis (Ames 1908)

Doritis latifolia (Trim 1885)

Phalaenopsis wightii (Rchb.f 1862)

Kingiella philippinensis (Rolfe 1917)

Phalaenopsis bella (Teijsm & Binn 1862)

Doritis wightii (Benth & J.D.Hook 1883)

Doritis steffensii (Schlt. 1911)

Kingidium deliciosum var. Bellum (Gruss & Röllke 1993)

Kingidium wightii (Gruss & Röllke 1995)

Phalaenopsis hebe var. Amboinensis (J.J Smith 1917)

Phalaenopsis hebe (Rchb.f 1862)

Phalaenopsis amethystina (Rchb.f 1865)

Et incorrectement car basé sur le spécimen mal identifié d'Aerides decumbens, qui était en fait un Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis decumbens (Holtt)

Aerides decumbens (Griff)

Biermannia decumbens (Tang & Wang)

Kingidium decumbens (P.F Hunt)

Kingiella decumbens (Rolfe)

Polychilos decumbens (Shim)

     Epiphytic plant forming clumps quickly by basal shoot.
     Leaves obovate-oblong, obtuse, slightly bilobate at apex, can reach 15 cm length on 5 cm wide, dark green with corrugated margins.
     Arched Inflorescence, ramified, more or less shorter than the foliage.
      Bracts small, triangular.
      Flowers produced continuously during a long period, fleshy. Petals and sepals white with pink or mauve suffusions and punctuations at the base. Pink Lip veined with darker lines.
Pink pastel column.
      Dorsal sepal oblong-elliptic, obtuse, lateral sepals obliquely elliptic with turned over lower edge . Oblong-elliptic, subacute petals.
      3-lobed lip, lateral lobes erect elliptic-obovales, obtuse lip with a basal outgrowth. Obovale-sub-orbicular midlobe at cuneate base. Simple Callus, bifide.
      Column of 4 mm.
      Pedicellate ovary 8 mm long.

     One finds it since the sea level until an altitude of 600 meters.
     Under the name of Kingellia philippinensis, this plant was used to make a "intergeneric hybrid" known under the name of Phaliella.

Botanical varieties
        Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.hookeriana (Christ.2001)
      Synonyme Kingidium hookerianum (Gruss & Röllke 1995).
This plant is also under the names of Kingidium wightii or Doritis wightii.

      Yellow sepals and petals. Plant originating in the North-East of the Indies.

Phalaenopsis deliciosa subsp.hookeriana
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Phalaenopsis deliciosa