Phalaenopsis appendiculata ( C.E Carr 1929)
Referring to the callus adorning the median lobe of the labellum
(from Latin appendicula, small appendix)
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Distribution : Malaisia (Pahang)
Synonym : Polychilos appendiculata (Shim 1982)

       Epiphytic plant, roots fleshy,flexuous, glabrous. Short stem completely covered by imbricating leaf sheaths.
     Few leaves, 3 to 4, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, fleshy, acute or obtuse, petiolated, 7 cm long, 3,5 cm wide. Flower stalk much more shorter than the leaves. Flowers produced in succession.     Flower with delicate texture, from 8 to 10 mm.
      Dorsal sepal obovate or sub-orbicular, strongly cucullate-concave with a denticulate margin.
      Lateral sepals obliquely broadly ovate or sub-rotund somewhat concave, obtuse.
      Petals from a broadly cuneate base sub-orbicular with round denticulate apex.
      3-lobed lipas long as the petals. Lateral lobes adherent at the base of the column, erect, oblong-linear, notched at the apex with a longitudinal keel very distinct in the shape from acute tooth towards its center. Midlobe mobile, triangular sub-deltoid, sub-truncate or sub-triangular in front , the margin of which is obscurely erose-dentate. Disc decorated in its posterior half of four
digitate, longitudinal projections. With the junction of the side and median lobes one distinguishes two superimposed appendices, ligulte, forked. The former appendix which is longest with the point similar to an oats beard.
     Column short , fleshy, white.
     Pedicellate ovary of 5 mm.     

Labelle de Phalaenopsis appendiculata


     Sepals and petals white stained of mauve. Laterals lobes white with mauve apex. Midlobe pale yellow with violets tasks .
Collected twice only before 2000. Now in way of comercialisation.
Phalaenopsis appendiculata alba



Average temperature humidity and pluviometry, evolution relative in Malaysia to the sea level (area of Kuantan)