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P. thailandica ( Gruss & Roeth 2009)
Phalaenopsis from Thailand
Distribution : Thailand

No synonym

Epiphytic plant with many fleshy roots, long, flexuous, glabrous. Very short stem, completely enclosed by distichous imbricating leaf base.
       Fleshy leaves at cuneate base, elliptic or obovate-elliptic, acute, exceeding 12 cm. long for 4,5 cm. wide, often smaller.
       Flower stalk rather slender, erect or arcuate, largely exceeding the foliage (15 cm), simple or ramified, cylindrical with flattened rachis, in zigzag, carrying several quite separate flowers. Bracts alternate, distichous, ovate, cucullate, acute.
      Pedicellate ovary up to 4 mm.

       Flower delicate in texture with largely spread out or reflected floral segments, of clear color.
Dorsal sepal ovate, cucullate, acute.
       Lateral sepals obliquely ovate or ovate-elliptic, sub-acute, laterally adnate to column base.
       Ovate or ovate-elliptic petals, obtuse.
      Very fleshy lip,3-lobed, as long as the sepals. Erect, linear, falcate (sickle-shaped), acuminate lateral lobes . Triangular, mobile midlobe from a sub-quadrate base, acute apex. Disc at base opposite to sub-quadrate part, provided with a crescent-shaped denticulate free callus which is excavated underneath fdorming a distinct gibbosity parallel with, and on the crescent-shaped callus there is a free filiform, lobed process.
Short column, of more than 4 mm, fleshy, winged, wings decurrent on the prominent foot.
         Pedicellate ovary filiform, arcuate up to 4 mm long.
     White flowers with something of a suffusion of green at the apical zone of the sepals and petals. Column base yellow . Lip lateral lobes white at apex brown barred of yellow. White midlobe with two yellow spots.

     Although of recent introduction in culture, this species does not appear especially rare in nature.

     It's the only species of the Parishianae section which would have a floral stalk able to ramify.

Horticultural varieties