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       This site is primarily devoted to botanic Phalaenopsis , i.e. Phalaenopsis such as one can meet in their natural environment.
       One of the problems which any collector encounters is that of the exactitude of the labels which should accompany each plant. To solve this kind of litigation, a photograph is not enough exact. Many "sisters" species have common points and are sometimes difficult to determine according to a simple stereotype. To bring a little certainty, only one solution, the diagnosis, or botanical description. In a somewhat obscure language the various floral parts are precisely described and analyzed.  The distinction between the various species of Phalaenopsisis is based on the study of the various parts which form the lip. For more detail, click here.
      I'am not a botanist and not a linguist to. I'am just an orchid lover who try to share is knowledge of some of this plants with other passionates. If you can help me to rectify my language mistakes in order to be understoud by more and more persons, your corrections are welcome. My e-mail is your . Thank you by advance for your co-operation.
       For more precise informations you can consult two books :
              The Genus Phalaenopsis by Herman R.Sweet (Orchid Digest 1980)
               And a more recent publication by Eric A.Christenson Phalaenopsis, a monograph (Timber Press 2001)

minus (Finleyi)